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MV Fine Jewellery brand that is working on relation of concept from art and architecture.

MIRANDA VUKASOVIC impulse to constantly move has always been stirring quietly inside her.Her life has in some ways been defined by the meaning of her name. When read in Spanish and split in two; “MIRAR” to look, and “ANDAR” to go, MIRA/ANDA begins to form a meaning of passing through.

She has moved continuously, settling briefly in Zagreb, Milano, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Mexico City, London, New York and now Beijing, passing through thousands of destination in between.

Miranda has been working in the field of architecture, design and communication for over 8 years. She has extensive experience in project design and production under her belt, drawing from her collaborations with a wide range of design studios across Europe and America. Her passion for architecture has led her to work within the field in a variety of scopes. Some of her most memorable experiences include working with Renzo Piano Building Workshop www.rpbw.com as an exhibition designer and curator.

Her education qualifications include an M.Sc. in Design from the Polytechnic of Milano (2007) and second M.Sc., in City Transformation and Urban Planning in Mexico city with Centro Metropolitano de Architectura Sostenible and Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña (2009).

In 2013, Beijing Design Week provided a showcase her first exhibits in jewellery design in collaboration with Micro Macro studio. In 2013 the same work was showed in exhibition: ARTchitecture - the Way we Design at Today Art Museum, one of the most important private galleries in China.

Her extensive experience and passion for architecture has led her to start her own fine jewellery brand in 2016. MADE IN ITALY.

In the meantime, she has developed her musical language, together with her band, THE RADIANCE formed in Beijing in 2015. As the Songwriter for the band, Miranda creates music through a kaleidoscope of fragile emotions, including art and visual projects into her performances. She has a honoured to perform her music in one of the most exciting places in the world a 600 years old Buddhist “Temple of Wisdom” in Beijing. Her band THE RADIANCE has produced their first LP at the Forbidden City Studio during 2016. www.theradiance-band.com


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