“Miranda's music is infinitely rich and her approach extremely authentic. She doesn't try to please. She delivers herself. She explores. She feels and makes us feel.”

—Julie Gautier

After The Temple was released, Miranda was invited by Julie to adapt a theme from the album to her stunning underwater dance. ‘Rencontre’ is the story of Julie and Miranda's collaboration in March 2020.

“Haunting spacious sound and powerful vocals fit for the next James Bond soundtrack.”



The Temple is named after the ​600 year-old Buddhist temple in Beijing where it was recorded. A group of 30 Asian and Western musicians were invited to perform live and record the EP over three days in the space. It includes string ensemble, choir and traditional Chinese instruments. Collaborators include Grammy award-winning producer Jeff Bova and Ned Douglas. It was released in 2021 and selected for Grammy entry artist in New Age Category.

“Among prominent composers and artists that my works are constantly connected with, Miranda’s music made a strong impact with her unique poetry and cinematic mood.”

—Valentina Turcu

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Gold Shaded Moon
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Gold shaded Moon  is an audio-visual installation created from sonic moments collected at the Temple, premiered in March 2021. These samples are then looped, combined and played back on up to 15 simultaneous channels. The result is an evolving tapestry of sounds that talks back to its environment evoking the ideas of spirit and spirituality. The sonic layers are followed by visual geometries of site specific elements. The projections produce ethereal shapes made of colour particles conducted by the evolving frequencies of the recordings.

“Mellow and meandering, ‘Flying Kites’ is a fascinating exploration of innovative synth and string melodies, wrought into a novel.”

—Akademia Music Award L.A.


Miranda Vukasović is a composer, performer artist and designer from Zagreb. She founded The Radiance in 2015 in Beijing, an experimental group combining Eastern and Western instrumentations. Her passion for connecting disciplines across the Arts drives both the aesthetic and technical aspects of her work. In 2018, The Radiance was recognised with The Academia Music Award for Best Ambient/Instrumental Song with Flying Kite in Los Angeles. In 2019 she directed the site-specific musical and dance performance in conjunction with Marc Quinn for his exhibition at The Central Academy Of Fine Arts Museum in Beijing. Miranda was invited to speak about forms of collaborations in her experience with The Radiance at The New Museum, New York, organised by CMYK Matinee in February 2018 and in early 2021 she has designed a sound and light performance pavilion for the inaugural Gobi Heaven Art Festival. Miranda is also part of Os Arranjadores, a multi-disciplinary collective based in Porto, where she creates and builds fully functioning, original instruments.